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We are a Peruvian company with more than 16 years dedicated to the manufacture of flexible packaging with sustainable growth year after year. Together with our team we have managed to be specialists in offering immediate, quality and flexible solutions to the packaging needs in the main sectors in which we have developed. In addition, our personalized attention, agile processes, high performance technology and our entire value chain is supported under the BRC packaging certification with AA Qualification.

Our Culture


The dream of each and every one of us is to be the best internationally recognized flexible packaging company, that motivates us to work intelligently to achieve the proposed objectives.

Nuestra Cultura


  • We bet on talent, our people are the engine that drives what we do. We constantly create opportunities to work together with them to develop and enhance the capacities and abilities that respond to the demands of our sector.
  • We are not satisfied! At Polybags we believe in the constant search to achieve excellence within our entire value chain. Therefore, our people and our processes are aligned with our policy of continuous improvement.
  • The customer is our motivation, at Polybags we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, not only in quality, time and price, but also in the flexibility to adapt to their needs.

Building trust with our clients

“Four months ago I requested a prompt delivery, despite an initial schedule, Polybags delivered on the required date” “Polybags develops samples that allow us to test an innovative product before launching it on the market”

Mónica Abad. Logistics Chocolates Gure
Nuestra Cultura

“Polybags is a company that meets our requirements and with their delivery dates; in addition, in each new design we have, they do it with great professionalism, they solve all the doubts you may have and all this in a fast way “

Sofía Rivera M. Logistics Inv. Prisco
Nuestra Cultura

“Polybags is a company that meets all the requirements of quality, legality and safety in its packaging materials with which we work; it also solves our doubts satisfactorily and meets the agreed delivery dates “

Jaime Zavaleta. Logistics – Grupo Nueva Pescanova
Nuestra Cultura