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Our production processes

Polybags Peru is very committed to offering solutions; That is why we care about having the best work team, the best technology on the market and our standardized and certified processes, all this makes us a reliable and competitive supplier in the flexible packaging industry.


Receipt of the Order

Proceso de Recepción del Pedido


Product Design

Diseño de Producto


Manufacture of Photopolymers

Elaboración de Fotopolímeros











Adhesive drying

Secado de Adhesivo








Storage and Distribution
Almacenamiento y Distribución



1. Receipt of the Order

This step is the first process in our value chain, here we begin our commitment to you. Our commercial team is in charge of receiving your purchase order and then registering it in our information system. Finally you will receive a notification via automatic e-mail confirming the registration of your order.
Recepción del Pedido

2. Product Design

After receiving and registering your purchase order, our team defines the structure of your packaging. In this process we develop the physical characteristics of your packaging in terms of morphology, structure and graphic design. To finish this step, our development area will give you a graphic art (match print) for validation.
Diseño de Producto

3. Manufacture of Photopolymers

After the validation of the match print, we start the elaboration of the photopolymers (clichés) through a direct photo process with exposure to UV rays. This step aims to guarantee the correct definition of the design on the flexible packaging.
Elaboración de Fotopolímeros

4. Extrusion

During this process, together with our extrusion team, we transform the highest quality polyethylene resins into the sealing layer of your product. For this we guarantee an adequate formulation which is part of Polybags know-how.

5. Printing

In this process, our team is in charge of carefully working on the shading of colors and the assembly of clichés according to the product development guidelines. For printing we have Comexi flexographic printing machinery of up to 8 colors that will guarantee a high quality of printing in your packaging.

6. Laminate

Our laminating team receives the printed sheets and the different substrates to develop the structure of the layers of the final product. To guarantee an optimal result of the process, the product passes through our quality area and an exhaustive control of compliance with the required characteristics such as the rolling force is carried out.

7. Adhesive drying

Once the lamination is completed, the laminated coils go through a waiting process (cross-linked), from 8 to 24 hours in order for the adhesive to dry properly and the product to be ready for the next phase.

Secado de Adhesivo

8. Cut

In this process we trim the leftovers from the laminated and printed coils and give them the appropriate width and direction. At the end of the process, the coils will be ready to be packed or to go to our sealing process and assemble the final packaging

9. Sealing

This process, our sealing team will give the final shape to your packaging, taking care of the measures requested by customers and guaranteeing the adequate sealability of the product to finally pass to our packaging area for distribution.


10. Packaging

To end our production chain, we follow a careful packaging process focused on protecting your product so that it can reach your warehouses in the best conditions.

11. Storage and Distribution

For this final phase we have our own and safe dispatch units, which are governed by a dispatch scheduling process to be able to deliver your products just in time.
Almacenamiento y Distribución

Quality Lab

In our modern Quality Assurance Laboratory; Duly trained professionals are in charge of Ensuring Quality from the reception of the raw material to the delivery of the final product. All this under international standards of Quality and Safety Management; We have Certification in the BRC Packaging Standard with AA qualification, which allows us to aim for total efficiency.
Laboratorio de Calidad